About Us

Shop Kika Rose 

Shop Kika Rose was created in June 2020 with the hope of selling fashionable and trendy clothing at affordable prices. Like many of you, we love the trends seen on many popular online boutiques, but do not want to put in all the money in order to pay for them. Through our shop, we want to provide a great customer experience where you express your fashion style and show who you really are!

The Owner 

Shop Kika Rose was created by me, a 17 year old girl born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California! I have always had an interest in fashion, and once I started high school in the fall of 2017 I began to love the business side of stores as well. I started off by simply selling my clothes through Instagram and Depop, which showed me that I love marketing and creating advertisements for my clothes. Ever since then, I knew that one day I wanted to own my very own business! Back in May 2020, I was talking to my family and we decided that I would finally start my business journey! It has definitely been a ride, but I'm so excited to finally share my passion with everyone who finds my store. 

We hope you love our store, and can support us through our journey!